Service Sleuth, no report grading

I did three cell shops on Oct 09, but still do not see the report grading.
I contacted the scheduler and got the reply, "It takes our editors some time and your reports will come through soon."
The truth is I am not really after the grading. I just want to know they were accepted and I will be paid...
Anyone had that happen when reports were not graded?

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EO – If you haven't heard anything back by now and have done your end of the work, assume that it's accepted and there were no issues. I'd then follow up if it's been past the time frame on when you should be paid.

I've learned to follow this path based on experiences on other MSC's like Goodwin, as an example.

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tnx, will keep an eye on the payments. had no problems with the company...
but I really wanna know the grade LOL / I have 10 with them/
Whether or not they even grade may be project driven. Out of nine shops only three of mine have grades. All have been paid except the two most recent.

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One of mine was never graded. If the status says "Received", I think you are good to go.

Thanks to all the forum members!
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