Stericycle Project

Today I received a survey from Stericycle, checking interest/eligibility for a potential [unnamed] project. The screening questions include the following:

Are you comfortable working in an environment that may contain waste or items that were in a recycling container?
Are you comfortable working in an area where your clothes may get dirty?
Would you be comfortable working in or around a dumpster?

Can this project possibly be as awesome as it sounds? Sign me up!

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Actually, I think (hope) this is from the recall department, not the old CoRI department. If so, it will likely pay mileage, by the hour for admin, onsite and data entry.
Also, for those in other areas, this was a CA project survey.
I don't think I would be comfortable standing in or around a dumpster for up to eight hours (also stipulated in the screening questions) even if they paid me mileage.

The harder I work, the luckier I get.
Can't wait to work in a dumpster. Maybe I could move in?

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It would depend on whose dumpster it was. If it was behind a restaurant or grocery store, no. If it was behind JC Penney and full of shirt boxes, sure, why not?

Hospital, no.

Morgue, no.

Vet office or kennel or butcher, no.

Accounting office, sure.

Bar or liquor store -- maybe not because riffraff might have an interest in what's in there too.

Thrift store -- sure.

Just saying, it depends on whose dumpster we need to dive into. And whether we're allowed to wear a haz mat suit to do it. And whether the pay is at least $30 an hour or not. Because if it's not, I can make that much doing 5 minute bank shops for $10 apiece so why would I climb in a dumpster?

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