Second to None new site, can't login Password box blocked with text box

STN 2nd to none, .. Second to None - their new site is interesting and on a laptop looks great ! But I can't login from my smartphone because the Password box is blocked with text box designed below. I have a 4.5 inch Android EVO...what's up? Anyone else having trouble? I've used desktop view as well as mobile view, same problem.

I can login via my laptop, library computer normally. But with my smartphone I have to trick it, only if I have a live bypass link from inside a STN email for offers or my assignments. This is not good as I need addresses when I'm in the car, as I don't always waste ink and paper.

If other colleagues are having this problem, please post here. Maybe we can get their attention. Half the time there are MSCs who one has to hunt down their phone numbers since many times even if you have a Schedulers contact...its not their realm and they are busy just keeping up. Anyone know STN headquarters phone number?

It's my goal this new year to have not just email addresses, but all my Schedulers and the billing headquarters phone numbers plugged into phone & computer. It is so time for both a new cell & a computer this holiday or before. My Swype is messed up with beta or some weird just types nonsense lately.

I think I'm getting weary and whiny...I've never complained so much than in these last couple of months! My electronics need a makeover! LOL !

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I have an iPhone and, for the first time on their new site, logged in with my phone. I used the old site bookmark, and had no problem.

Sorry. I'm no help.
I too have an old bookmark on my phone so there isn't a need for me to log in on the new link.

O.o o.O

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I like their new site - so nice their regular shops and medicare shops are on two different sections! I have no problem signing in with my iPhone, iPAD, Samsung tab, or laptop.

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If the only reason you need to log in is to get the address, why don't you text it to yourself or email it to yourself, or save a pdf of the instructions/address/whatever and email that to yourself so you can open that on your phone and not need to log in to their site?

Or have your route mapped and print out the map directions with all the addresses (or send them to your nav system)?

I think sometimes some of you "I'm saving paper" people shoot yourselves in the foot by relying on your technology too much. Because when something like this happens, you're screwed. What if your phone died or the cell tower went down and you couldn't get a signal? Or you dropped the phone in a toilet while checking a restroom? Always have a backup plan! I carry paper, and a laptop (with camera feature) with my own hotspot, and a smart phone (which is a backup for my portable hotspot). And there have been many times I had to rely on my backups. I carry the phone/camera, a regular digital camera, the laptop's camera, and a portable scanner. Overkill? Usually. But I've also never lost a shop because I couldn't do what I needed to do while out on the road. If I'm heading out to do 10 shops 150 miles from home I don't have time to find a library or a Starbucks hotspot or a road map (if my Garmin dies). I carry three ways I can record a shop -- spy pen recorder, regular digital recorder, recorder app on my phone. I carry batteries and charging cords all the time.

I don't think the scheduler will want to hear that you couldn't do the job because you couldn't log in when the simple fix was to have your shop docs printed out before you left the house. If you don't test the sites before you leave to make sure you can use them from your phone, you're really putting yourself at risk.

(I don't like trying to read instructions on a cell phone because it's not efficient dealing with the tiny fonts on a small screen and constant need to enlarge and move the page around to read it all. Paper may be wasteful, but 5 cents worth of paper is better than 10 minutes of wasted time. Maybe when i get a tablet i'll be willing to go paperless.)

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Scheduler posted the wrong address even on the printed assignment. It is amazing what a difference the word court...versus road, avenue or the word street makes. This urgencare is in a new development and so the roads have changed. Even if they would have a good clean login page, the password box was blocked by a poorly designed mobile page. The address I was given is wrong, I found a way to contact them., guess no one on this forum knew the number. Yay, I bought a new computer last night.
Oh, and BTW, I did have a printout from days ago, but have been trying to go somewhat paperless from time to time..

Dspeakes...So I didn't need the scolding! What I needed was a helping hand, not a backhand.
My city is divided by quadrants and I don't think the MSCs realize how important it is to have the correct address, i.e. NE is the total opposite of NW and for those streets that do not have any direction it is a real problem.
One thing I would like is for them to add a category for "all" shops so I can see all of them and not have to dig through the individual categories which is painful, to say the least!
It is possible to search All. When selecting your search radius, leave the Project Type blank. In the drop down, there's a blank category (blue) at the beginning of the list.
sorry, didn't mean to sound scolding although I realize now it did come out that way. I was offering options to use as a backup because going totally paperless doesn't leave you with a backup. If you haven't had any of those things go wrong yet, you might not have realized how vulnerable you are trying to rely solely on your cell phone.

At one time or another I have had to use all of my "backup" devices to save my butt on a route when something unexpected happened.

No, I wasn't trying to scold you -- just trying to help you see ways to always have a backup method because stuff happens on the road. But I'm a compulsive contingency-planner so I'm always thinking about "what if" something goes wrong. I live and shop in an area where you can't always rely on a cell phone signal. A printout of my route at least ensures I have my addresses and directions to get from one shop to the next even if my technology lets me down.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
Cubbiecat and Mert, both of your posts were very helpful to me, since, cubbiecat, I didn't realize that there were separate sections and was falling out of like with S2N. After your post I returned to the website and, thanks to Mert's post, I knew how to expand the search to my liking. Gracias! smiling smiley


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Once I got used to it (took about 2 minutes) I really like the new site. Easy to see where the locations are so you can just click on the little balloon to get more info.

Does anyone know if you can adjust the default mileage radius? Mine is set for 50 miles and I would like to change it to 30 without having to go to the other search page.

One more thing... I really, really enjoy shops from STN. They pay so quickly! I have already been paid for ALL of my October Medicare Advantage shops. Nice! And they are responsive to e-mails and messages in a timely manner... sometimes the answer is a bit too short, but at least it is an acknowledgement.

Thanks STN! And before anyone jumps on and says I am just kissing their arse to get more shops...that is not the case; I already have plenty. We need some positive posts once in a while and this is one.
I am so happy! Now I have my new Samsung Note...split screen option and can login in to STN mobile with no problem...Not sure if it was my evo 4.5 inch phone that was causing the problem with large pw area blocked. This new phone is huge 5.7 and a delight!

Yep just tested it...either the STN hub login was created for phones bigger than 4.5 or else some incompatibility with HTC Evo 3D phone screen.
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