monterey mystery shopping (Deactivation?)

they deactivate since they said that tried to contact me since they had to edit my shops. I had no emails or phone calls from them asking for any information. I would have made any corrections that they would have wanted to made. Then some manager named Scott replied refusing to do anything. I saw some previous posts from some people about this company. Now I see why other people complained about this company. They used to be a good company to shop for. They have gone down hill.

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I'm pretty surprised. I've not heard anyone else complain about them. Sorry to hear about your problems. You might check your Spam or Junk Folder. Sometimes legitimate e-mails end up in my junk folder.

Wishing you better luck with other MSCs, but Monterey is one of my favorites. I take all the assignments I can get with them and I've found Scott easy to work with.
I'm also a fan of Monterey so I'm quite surprised to learn of your experiences. How very frustrating that must have been.
They used to be one of my favorites to work for. I did tons of shops for them. I even checked my spam folder and there were no messages there either
You seem to have had an unusual experience with a company most of us like. Sorry for your bad experience. Better luck with other companies.
Monterey deactivated me in 2012. At that point I had 137 shops in for them.

I made multiple email and phone calls to find out why.
The only answer I received is "we are checking into and will get back to you."

I never received any explanation and with all the MSC and available work does not make sense to pursue if they are not showing interest in following through and resolving.
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