Trendsource Cancelling shops

Anyone had a shop from Trendsource cancelled because they had someone else preform it before your scheduled date?
A scheduler called and I committed to a shop 30 minutes away for a small bonus that was to be due the following day. Late that same night, I recieved an email saying that I did not have to visit this location because they got someone else to preform it that day.
A very poor way of conducting business.

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I was once performing a highly bonused shop for them when one of their schedulers called me. She asked if I had performed the shop yet and I responded that I was currently at the location. The scheduler placed me on hold for a moment then came back, said thank you and hung up. I always wondered if they were gonna cancel the shop but didn't since I was already there.

To answer your question, I have never had a shop canceled by them.
I've had shops canceled by them but always ahead of time.


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I was offered a shop heavily bonused 30 miles from home. I was had just completed the shop and returned home when they called to cancel. I explained that I was literally entering the shop. The person on the phone told me that they always send two shoppers to locations that are close to the deadline. He then told me to not waste my time entering the shop and he paid me anyway.
So they both do the same work up to the report which one has to complete while the other doesn't and they both get paid the same? How do I get the gig as the second shopper?

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I happened to get lucky that one time. I was glad because there were a lot of associates in the store!!
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