Expert Audit Stericycle

Hi , I am new to this and a little confused, received a check and directions as to how to get started, but need to know if this is the real deal, the web page looks real,any have experience with Stericycle?

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Stericycle's mystery shopping company does not pay by check nor do they pay in advance. No mystery shopping would ever pay you in advance. So while the check you hold has the name of a legitimate company, it is a forgery.

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Funny thing here. I've never received a check like many have here. I wonder where these thieves are getting the addresses from??
Same here. I did receive a check (from Canada). I had been shopping for a long time at that juncture, and recognized the company on the check would not use a southern bank. (It was a bank chain only located in the deep south, and the company is based in the northern midwest). There is no telling where they get the info to start the process.
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