Is KSS International affiliated with Maritz?

I requested two exact shops from both KSS and Maritz. Now, I'm wondering if they are affiliated or could possibly be the same company. I've noticed that some of the MSC's have two and three names.

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Hi Lorrie,

We schedule several programs for Maritz, and they schedule MANY more programs in house. If you signed up through KSS and are registered on Maritz, we will copy your application over and assign you (assuming you are eligible). Our KSS site is used to simply collect applications of interested shoppers. For the programs that Maritz uses KSS to schedule, it is because they do not have adequate shopper coverage or resources in house at the current time.

Your payment will come from Maritz, directly.

Feel free to private message me if you have questions!

Lorri Kern
KSS International, Inc
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