Intellishop early payment

I woke up to a pleasant surprise this morning. My payment expected between 1/20 and 1/23 was sent this morning with the following message, "Hi Shoppers, you've just been paid EARLY by IntelliShop for your December shops. THANKS for shopping for us, and Happy New Year!"

Thanks Intellishop!

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Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised to find an Intelli-shop payment in a PayPal email this morning as well. Quite surprised! Perhaps I'll use it for the strippers later on today.
Yep, I got it too! Yay! Makes me wish I had done more for them this month. Haha!

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Ditto on the kudos.
I also must acknowledge and express appreciation for an improvement over the past three months of Intelli-editors providing more detailed feedback.
It's a pleasant, unexpected surprise.

Never had any issues with this MSC either way. Schedulers are responsive and willing to work with me whenever I request shops beyond the shopper limit.

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