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I just started shopping for Service Sleuth this fall. They say payments are made after 60 days from the last day of the month the shop was completed. I am fine with that. However, I have still not been paid for two shops I completed in October. They paid me for one but not the other two. I emailed them and did not receive a response. Now, the login page says all October shops will be paid by the 16th of this month. That is 75 days after shop completion! Is this standard practice for them? I have enjoyed their shops and the forms are easy but 75 days is a bit much!

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The same thing happened to me.
They paid half the October shops at the end of Dec
I emailed 5 times about the missed payment before I got a response saying they were running late due to holidays and it would be soon.
I've never had an issue before so need to keep an eye is this one time slip or is there something go on there?

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Thanks Jackaroe. Hopefully, it is just from the holidays! I do like the company but I think I will wait until all my jobs are paid before I accept any new ones.
I emailed her at the beginning of the month. I just received a response and payment! Hopefully, this was a one time issue because I really enjoy their shops and reports!
I just started doing shops for them.. I probably won't miss the money too much but I don't want to have to chase anyone for anything. Anyone else have insight?

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I have worked for them for 16 years. I am paid in full. They pay slowly, but always pay. If they have any issues, they will let you know or post it on the home page. They are a huge company. I think that sometimes when they are waiting on a slow client to pay (6 figure amounts), it slows things up.
All shops have been paid up to late November. They are slow but sure.

However, two shops which took me a long time to find out that they did not exist, were excluded. The listed telephone numbers were called beforehand but no answer was received. There was no way to know they did not exist. Believe me I did everything before I went to the locations to check on the existence of the shops. The scheduler admitted that some shoppers were having the same problem. But she asked my permission to send my email to the MSC and after months, I was paid $5 a shop.
Since 2011, the longest I have waited for payment is 89 days. I am currently waiting on payment for jobs dated 11/02/14, 11/24/2014 and 12/01/2014. I expect to be paid for the first one soon since the wait time is at 74 days now. I don't panic though because I have always been paid. I just think of them as a 90-day payer instead of 60 days.
I've worked for them for many years and they are excellent around paying but it is a slow process. As someone else wrote, they are an enormous company with some complex accounting. If you do their shops, I think its important to plan on carrying the reimbursement balance and pay for a couple months. I have always been paid in a timely manner but it is a 60 day period.

I find them to be one of the easiest companies to work with so if you can wait 60 days, I highly reccommend them!
I look at them as a 90 day payer too. I just refuse to do another oil change for them until I get paid for the last one.
I'm waiting on payment for 4 shops as well from early November. I've emailed someone about it and haven't heard back yet. I think 60 days is bad and 90 is unacceptable. I probably won't shop for them again if this is typical.
According to their payment terms you should expect November shops to be paid the 31st of January. Yes it is a long time but they do not attempt to hide their payment terms.

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I haven't seen November shop payment yet either, but hoping by the end of this week it pops into my account smiling smiley

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I haven't been paid for October shops. I tried to find some information on their site and couldn't find anything. Does anyone have a telephone number for them?
I don't know the number.
On main page is an email address for Lisa to email for payment inquiries
I noticed today that payment for November shops will be "February 5 or sooner." A few days ago the website said that November shops will be paid by January 31 or earlier.
This company pays slowly, but it does pay. They post a note on the log in page concerning their payment schedule. Also posted there is a name and email address for any late payments.

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I received payment for a shop I did early in the month, but I'm still waiting for payment on a shop I did later in the month. I'm glad I have a good system in place to track my payments because I sure can't figure theirs out.
I have a concern about this company. Payments are always late. They are always changing the dates when payment will be made,and they do not respond to inquiries. I have decided not to complete any more shops for them.
November shops have not been paid yet. They also keep changing the date when they will be paid. I understand some people may feel this is ok. But it's not. We are required to complete shops on time, they should pay on time.
I noticed they are slow payers, too, when I started my spreadsheet for 2015 and found a November 2014 shop that was not paid yet. I emailed the scheduling company that I got the job through and was told that they pay 60 days after the end of the month that the shop was done in. I emailed her back and thanked her for her time, but pointed out that over two months is a slow payer. I have another that is very slow paying. I think I will concentrate on companies that pay more quickly.
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