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Did anyone get paid today as they were scheduled to? They usually have payments out by late afternoon at the very latest.

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OK. That makes me feel better that it isn't just me. I did email Lisa and heard back from her and she said she was out on the road and would check with AP. Lisa is very honest but whoever in AP needs to make an apology. That date was on there all week - I anticipated it being there today and can't give an apology to the bill I intended to pay today however. I have heard from other companies that sometimes Paypal takes a while to release funds, which is weird that they would. I wish all these companies would offer Direct Deposit, that way the money is in your account first thing in the morning!
Um no. To your BANK it can take 2 to 3 days as a transfer to your account. If I paid you right now through Paypal, you would receive it. But thanks for your worthless advice. They say they pay the 15th. That is what people rely on. Actually, this is what they have as their pay schedule:

Our new policy, which will take place at the end of September, will be to pay for all shops submitted in a calendar month on the 15th of the following calendar month. This means all of the shops Finalized in September 1st-30st will be paid on the 15th of October. All shops Finalized between October 1st-31st will be paid on November 15th, and so on.

But looking at all your posts, you are perfect Sybil2. I wish I could be as organized as you are.
Communication is key. I mean tell me beforehand there is a problem that it might not go out. IF you can blast email about certain shops a gazillion times a day, I know you have our email addresses.

But, as far as Paypal? What do I know? I only use it for my own personal business to pay people and have had an account for 15 years. And whenever I have paid someone - they get their money instantly. Its kind of like the Paypal thing. You know - instant. The only time I have ever seen payments held up is when someone uses an E-check on Ebay (very rare nowadays). But they tell you immediately its coming.
I didn't ask for advice - I asked a question. You gave an incorrect answer which I pointed out to you. You gave advice about how to pay bills no one asked you about that. So if that is "b" mode to you...whatever. Have a good evening.
I was just looking at paypal because I did a lot of work for this company recently. On my log it says it was paid yesterday and paypal shows nothing. It's a big chunk of change so I am concerned.I'm glad to see I am not the only one.
Did a bonused shop for them and haven't received pay for it yet...

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They are getting them out today per Lisa. Evidently there was an administration issue yesterday.

So SYBIL - the information you gave before you took it down was 100% incorrect.
I have not received payment either. They have never been late before. I did a lot of shops for them in Dec.

Shopping all of central Indiana. too, but have not received payment yet. I will wait until the end of the day and then re-check and email.
I haven't received mine yet either, even though the website says "Paid on 1/15." I'll wait a couple more business days before I get upset about it.
For what it's worth, the current Beyond Hello FAQ page says:

"Payment is made by the end of the month for the previous month’s completed projects."
But PayPal payments now come from Mystery Researchers, not Beyond Hello, ever since the companies merged in 2014. I got paid by Mystery Researchers on the 15th, transferred the money out of my PayPal account on the 16th and since it is the weekend, the actual money has not hit my checking account yet.

Even though some people would like to disagree, this is the message I received from PayPal as I transferred the payment from PayPal to my checking account. This is a direct quote from the PayPal website, not Beyond Hello or Mystery Researchers.

"You asked us to transfer XXX from PayPal to your bank account, and we're processing it now. It usually takes 3-4 business days for transfers like this to go through, so you should see the money in your bank account by Jan 23, 2015."

January 23rd is more than 3-4 business days so when I looked at the calendar, I realized that Monday is a federal holiday. So this will delay the posting of payments even more. I recommend waiting until the end of the day on Tuesday or early Wednesday before getting in a panic. This MSC has always paid me without any issues.
@nutmegstategirl wrote:

For what it's worth, the current Beyond Hello FAQ page says:

"Payment is made by the end of the month for the previous month’s completed projects."

I didn't see that anywhere on the page.

By the way, I'm a nutmegger too!
This is just stupid. The 15th is payday and it shouldn't matter that there is a holiday on Monday, the 19th.

How come other people have been paid? I haven't had any issues with BH, but there is a first time for everything.
Have you checked your PayPal account? The payments come from Mystery Researchers which now includes the Beyond Hello shops. I don't know why some people would have been paid already and some people have not. I guess I am one of the lucky ones.
I have checked my Pay Pal account and nothing's been deposited. My shops on BH are marked "Paid 1/15/2015.
Yes, my Mystery Researchers and Beyond Hello shops were all paid on the 15th and I transferred the money over to my checking account from PayPal on the 16th. The payment has not shown up in my checking account yet but that is on PayPal's side of things. Have you ever received a payment from Mystery Researchers? Or are you a new shopper?
I've spent almost all of last year 2014 with RSG and since RSG and BH merged, I've been doing shops for BH. I've always received my pay in a timely fashion. Lisa hasn't returned my phone call or email.

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