Anyone doing paid Surveys - which ones are good? I signed up with a couple and immediately began getting sales pitches for various things - such as Direct Buy. Are there any that actually pay cash and not points or prizes?

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The only one I bother with is PineCone. They pay cash--not as much as they used to because they now are paying cash and a 'sweepstakes entry'--via Paypal usually the next business day. You only see one or two surveys per month and they often do a pre-survey to qualify for a survey for which you are not paid. The rest all seem to pay points and when you have a gazillion points you can get a gift card or sometimes cash payment. How many hours filling out surveys is worth a $20 gift card?
I work with Focus Pointe and American Consumer Opinion.

Like Flash said, they don't pay as much as they used to, but it's cash.

I fill 'em out year round and cash them in for Xmas shopping. Just emptied both accounts and got enough to buy my GF some of those @#$%& we are being spammed with today.

Sometimes it seems like a lot of work for $1 or $2, but I do them over morning coffee and it ads up over time.
opinion outpost has been the best... so far and i am signed up with a bunch... i have earned over 80 bucks so far... i do pinecone as well... they have only a few but its very hard to disqualify from them... opinion has about a 25% success varies from person to person... i dont drink so i have been disqualified from about 15 alone from that reason...


volition has a listing of some sites... most are cruddy... kinda like well secret shopping... its hit or miss and mostly miss..

shopping north west PA and south west ny
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