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I just had to share. Today I finally passed Step Level 7. This has been oh, about a year of trying off and on. They have a shop in my area that I really wanted to apply for so I really put my brains to the test and I passed! Envision a Braveheart-esque scene...except I was yelling "Victory!" Why oh why do they make it so painful?

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You're an inspiration, PrairieShopper!

I signed on with SQM three days ago and am at the bottom of the ladder.

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I signed up three years ago and have not gone back to those steps yet!
So congrats to you for hanging in there and making it one more step.

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I completed all 9 steps in 3 months, but it took many, many, hours. There are maybe one or two shops a year in my state.

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I also did all 9 steps... not that I really wanted those shops but it was a matter of principal...LOL
I actually was given shops before I passed Step 5. Probably there were no takers. I decided to go to Step 9 just in case but I have not had any inclination to take Step 9 shops since I reached it. Just not too inspiring.

The questions are really not that hard but they are a bit tricky. And I think they rearrange the questions so it is hard to
determine which one question you missed. I know that's how I felt when I took them.
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