contact info for someone higher than scheduler at intelli shop??

After numerous emails to Blaine Timmerman, getting no where (and being super polite about it) the $199 charge for a shop purchase that was supposed to be IMMEDIATELY refunded by the client still has not been credited to my husbands bank account. I have called the bank to dispute the charge but I would like to contact someone at Intelli Shop and see if it can be handled quicker. That's a lot of $$$ to be out right now!

And PLEASE be careful with this company and the "promise" that the charge won't actually go through, that it will be reversed immediately.

Servimer Regional Manager- Nevada, Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota

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Did you pay for it with a credit card or a debit card? Where I work, we cannot credit money back to a bank account if the transaction was through a debit card. They may have to reimburse by check if that happened.

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Debit card used as credit (no pin entered) :-(

Servimer Regional Manager- Nevada, Illinois, Wisconsin & Minnesota
I just made a return where the purchase was run as credit even though it was actually my debit card. They were able to return the money to the card. It is one of the reasons I almost always run the card as credit now.

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I don't know if that makes a difference where I work or not. I'll have to ask. I just know if the receipt says "debit" we have to refund cash. Maybe if they run it as a credit it can somehow get back into the bank account.

I never use my debit card for anything but the ATM machine so I have no experience with these things except at work.

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