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peacham - Please use the search feature. You'll find threads regarding previous discussion of Shadow Shopper.
I was hired by a couple of companies on a regular basis as well as solicited by several mystery shop and merchandising companies. Shadow Shopper is really a vehicle for other companies to see your profile and contact you if you fit their needs. The more places you register with the more offers you'll get.
And of course without payment at all you can register with many companies and the same will hold true--the more places you register the more offers you will get.
right, i started here. They give you daily emails for free, never spent a dime. I got the emails and found out about all the companies out there and went and registered wit hthem.
I signed up for the free week trail. They show only the listings not the companies.Did you pay.
Shadow Shopper is how I got started. I signed up for the free trail and found in their menu a list of mystery shopping companys before my trial ended and printed the list and applied for seveal.

Teresa Davis
Funny, I just received an email from SS for a video shop. I applied, did one new home development (target) a couple years ago, and just heard from them. Thought they were out of business, guess there up and kicking.

Live consciously....
The Shadow Shopper provides me with most the companies I sign up with. Most the companies look at your profile therefore they want you rather then you signing up for them. About %50 of the companies that have sought me out add a $10-$20 bonus to their shops because the due date is comming up. I'm talking the $10-$20 on top of their regular payment. In some cases $40.00 for a simple 15 min. shop and 10 min. to fill the report. That's worth $40.00 and it's more then worth the GOLD membership for Shadow Shopper.
Your experience is FAR from what I have normally heard reported. Most have reported it as money flushed away. That is why we actively encourage shoppers to NEVER PAY TO SHOP.
I never paid, most of the daily emails have company names and sites on them, or even emails of the schedulers. I simply took that free info and put it to use.
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