I've done several apartment shops for Cirrus. All of my shops have received bad reviews. I can understand my first apartment shop being bad. I did make mistakes. The others I'm getting down graded for things that never happened during the shop. I was told I asked too many questions, or didn't ask certain questions. Except for the first shop, I record ALL of my mystery shops. I have a small voice recorder in my shirt pocket. They don't have a recording of any of the shops, yet I'm being told things that never happened during the shop. I've e-mailed them to explain, what questions did I ask, and what questions I didn't ask.

Has anyone else had problems with this company and their apartment shops? I've done apartment shopping for another company, and got very good grades.

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Please note that they will give bonus's when they want to. Some of the apartment shops are recorded. So, you have to have a smart phone to do their shops. I have done Cirrus Marketing shops for them for a number of years. I recently did a shop in Southern California. The editor wrote back and wanted to know the number of the apartment I was shown as the model.
They have not done that before, so in order to get paid I had to go back to just look for the apartment number, as I was told even if I went back there would be no extra money for going back.
Please note that they are now taking four months to pay shoppers even though you invoice by the end of the month. I may not continue doing their shops anymore as they take too long to pay shoppers.
I hope this answers your question.
gbarnes, I deactivated my account with them and told them why. On one review, they said, I didn't ask enough questions, and on the very next review, they said, I asked too many questions. How would they know what I asked? They were making up stuff, just to lower my ratings. I've done apartment shops for another company and always got good reviews. Except for one, which I admit I messed up.
I wonder if this is just happening in So. Calif. I know on my first shop with them they lied. They said I told the agent I was moving in November. This was a December shop. I NEVER would have said November. That was a lie.
It may be whoever is doing the S. California shops, is just finding ways to not pay anyone.
Be careful recording shops. In some states that require both parties know they are being recorded, it is a felony if you do not tell the other person. Just saying...
California requires that the other party know that they are being recorded. No audio allowed there!

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