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Has anyone worked for this company? They have upscale jobs in my area, which I have done several in August, but to date have not been paid although they say they pay on the 20th of the following month. I have emailed to no avail? Any feedback?

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All of the feedback on Volition seems very positive. This is a well thought of company. Perhaps you could call them? They do not have a bad reputation as far as I can ascertain, and I recently began working for them again.
Please keep us informed.

Did you email them a copy of the receipt?
I had a problem with being paid the re-imbursement (but was paid the shop fee) as the person to whm I had emailed the scanned receipt had left the company.

Call or email them - hope you get it resolved
I also had a problem with reimbursements even after emailing receipts but did receive the shop fees. I have been reluctant to take other jobes with them because of this. I might try them again someday.
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