I am so confused. So I accepted two phone shops for Kinesis, where a bank gets a hold of you regarding a certain situation. I read the guidelines I understand it, now i'm just waiting for the phone call. The survey due date was 03/15, however I reached out to the scheduler and informed them that I have yet to receive the call. When they replied they told me that there was no actual due date and these calls could take months to actually get... umm.. hmm.. so I'm supposed to just wait for a few months? Is this normal? Or has anyone else experienced this before? What would you do?

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I've been signed up with Kinesis for a while now but have never had a shop from them. I appreciate your posting this because the way my life and schedule go, I could not commit to a shop that might happen months from now.

Anyway, I hope you don't have to wait too much longer!
I honestly have no idea how long I will have to wait. . . I would not have accepted the shop if I knew these shops could take months. The scheduler I talked to wasn't very helpful so we will see
Hmmm. Well, I guess in this case I would just try not to think about it too much and carry on getting other shops. Then when you do receive the call, do the report and get paid, it's a little extra that you weren't counting on for that month.

Some MSCs take a long time to pay, so I just try to think of it as just a part of the business and try to be happy whenever I do get paid.

Thank you for sharing this with us so we know what to expect if we decide to do one of these.

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How can she carry one when she has to wait by the phone, possibly for months?!!!!!

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I had the same thing happen to me! Very irritating. Plus the "scenario" was complicated so if someday the mysterious call comes in I will screw it up. I've been waiting 2 and a half years.

Has anyone ever done one of these? A financial person (you know there name I think) is supposed to call you and then you spring into action with your assigned scenario. Oh, I am also planning on using an English accent!
I scheduled 2 of these shops. The first one called me within a few days. I let it go to voice mail, then reviewed the guidelines and sample report to refresh myself on what had to be done, and then called them back. Since I did not know when they would call I did not wait by the phone. My strategy was that if I wasn't home I would call them back. For the second shop I never got the call back.
Yea I havent really been waiting by the phone because the guidelines do say you can call them back.. I just wish the guidelines were more clear on how long you could be possibly waiting for the call. I dont exactly want to be waiting 2 1/2 years!!! Lol thats craziness.
I am curious how much they are paying for these shops. I wouldn't touch it with a 10-foot pole. I work a "regular" job, go to school and MS on the side. I don't have the time or desire to "wait around" for random phone calls which could come months or years later. 2 1/2 years? The MSC will probably be merged with another company by then or out-of-business.
Well the guidelines did NOT state that you would have to wait around for a few months, I found this out after emailing the scheduler to let her know I haven't received the phone call 2 days after the shop was due.. that's when I found out that they "Dont actually have a due date and I could be waiting a few months for the phone call". The guidelines said that an employee from X company would be calling to follow up with you regarding a bank situation. To me that seemed simple enough (thinking that the phone call would come within a few days, considering I accepted the shops 03/05, and the due date was 03/15) I picked up each phone shop for 20.00. I figured the narrative was probably a little heavy, but with my situation that doesn't bother me, I have time. Then on 3/17 I contacted the scheduler who then told me it would probably be a few months before receiving the call. If I would have known this I would NOT have picked up the shops. Because even if it's 3-4 months down the road (a few months) I will probably answer and have no idea who this person is or why they are calling me lol
I received the phone call about a week after the due date. It was a little disconcerting because it came one morning about 3 weeks after i had been assigned.

Also the financial advisor used a slightly different scenario from what I was expecting.

I used the fact that the call was out of the blue to my advantage and let the advisor tell me more about the "facts" he had so that I did not mess it up.
I have done two of these. Took a couple weeks for each one to call. Suggestion for anyone taking them Tell them you have someone on the other line and ask if you can call them back.
My third I was assigned in 1999 still waiting on the call. Just kidding.

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@annelehman wrote:

Does anyone have a phone number for Kinesis? Thanks! Night Owl at3:35 am

There is no phone number that I could find. I had an issue with them on my first shop this past Friday. I did email the scheduler right away which was provided within the shop. She forward the email to Kinesis. Of course they haven't answered yet, but if they are desperate to get the shop done, I figure they'll email me. If not and my rating goes down due to their lack of communication, then I'll move on. Best of luck to you!
This is not the fault of Kinesis. They provide the information to the client and then the client sets up the 'false customer' information and sends to the advisor. The Expire dates are an administrative necessity and the shop will renew if not done by that date.

I know all of this because I am in the same situation with them for the same reason. BE PATIENT, it will happen (by December)
GizmoRob is correct. The Client needs time to create a profile for the Shopper and then get this information to the Adviser. The Adviser could have several phone calls he needs to make over a period of weeks. The "end date" is simply a "guesstimate", as this process could take 2 weeks to 2 months. The Adviser will leave a message for the Shopper, which is why a phone number with voice mail is necessary when applying. There is no need to wait by the phone. In some cases, the call never happens and the shop is ignored. No worries, these shops pay well for the time you ultimately put into them. I hope this helps!

Looking forward to working with you!

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