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I jst saw a bank shop posted for 20 dollars. That bank has changed Would you still do it or mark as closed do you still get paid. I looked up the name of the bank that they say it is . Its the same address and phone number as the bank that is located there now. I wonder if they merged and the new name took over the old one.

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Be sure that you really know which is the old name and which is the new name. Old names linger on the internet for a long time. Pick the name you think is correct. Go to that bank's website and see if you can find the location. It may be that Bare is correct. If Bare has the wrong name, my advice is to contact them. It is unlikely that you will get the full fee if you go to the "wrong" bank.

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I know the bank changed Last time I went by it I was surprised it changed. Checked on the internet it has both banks at the same address same phone number It is a SMALL town. I use to have a account at the old bank. I just wonder if by something weired if they combined. I will call Bare tomorrow and ask if the bank changed if it should be done anyway. No matter what name it is under.
It could be a competitor shop.

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The bank that Bare shops sold some of its units to a bank with green logos. Do not shop it. Notify the scheduler that the unit you're looking at was one of the ones sold so they take it off the list.

They listed my local one and I told them about it and they were glad to be told.

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