Anyone ever have a Second To None shop rejected?

I just had my first shop rejection. It was a shop from Second To None. I know that happens and I'm trying not to take it personally, but the reason they rejected it is not in the directions.

It says it was rejected because of the small item I purchased, but nowhere in the directions does it specify what can and can not be purchased. It just gives the amount of what they will reimburse. They will only reimburse up to $1 and I bought pretty much the only thing the store offers for $1.

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I protested one of those because it was a restaurant shop that required a bar visit. We did the bar, but it was empty and after serving us the bartender left the bar area. After a few minutes, we left as well. They claimed the requirement was a 10 minute bar visit and we were short by a couple of minutes.

I protested to my scheduler and got no response after several emails over a week or so. I tried to kick it upstairs and got no response. Eventually I emailed a friend's responsive scheduler asking for help. With each email I included a pdf of both the shop instructions and the scheduler's specific instructions asking where there was a time limit specified for the bar. I eventually took it back to the editor. The shop was approved and in about the same round of emails I got an acknowledgement from the second scheduler whom I had asked for help and from my scheduler saying "You should have called me!" (which was funny since no phone number had been given so one had to assume that communication by email was what was desired). I got paid but with communication that bad, life is too short to work with them.
That's good they at least finally paid you, but what a pain trying to track someone down to get an answer.

I may try to fight it if I can get ahold of someone. I checked the directions again and they do not say that the item I purchase can not be purchased. Also I picked the item to purchase at the very end of the shop so it in no way affects the employee interactions that already took place.
I was definitely going to fight it because it was a $60 reimbursed restaurant that, to add insult to injury, ended up costing close to $85 just to meet the requirements in as economical fashion as possible. The food was undistinguished as well.
I just took a cheap office supply job from them and it got rejected because I asked for assistance instead of waiting. I tried contacting them when I saw the note, but no one emailed me back.

I think I am finished with them now.

I have never had a problem before. The only reason I took this shop is because I had another one right on the same block from another mystery shop company.
I had one shop rejected and it was the picky high end couture client who rejected it, not STN. That is why if I deign to shop for that client at their current MSC, I require $50 per shop to do it. Because I know I might not get paid, and I am taking a risk.

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Yes I had a bookstore rejected because they couldn't read the manager's name I in essence went back to the store and had the manager print his name out again, for real there pay stinks right now and the work is not comparable to the energy put in the tasks.
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