Is Goodwin and Customer Prophet one in the same msc????

Or is one slowly transitioning to become the sole entity of the other??


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they've been the same company forever

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Do you have to sign up with each of them independently, or if you are with one are you also with the other?
I've signed up with both just to cover my bases, because I know for a fact that CustomerProphet carries a client that I really want to shop--but it's never on my job boards for them OR Goodwin.

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I went to try to sign up for Customer Prophet, as this is the first I have heard of them but when I clicked Shopped Login, just in case it was an obscure company I signed up with when I was starting out and never got around to shopping, it automatically logged me into the Goodwin platform. Are there two platforms for this or just the one? Thanks! (I am confused by Goodwin's three platforms, apparently now there may be four??)

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Goodwin uses Prophet, i-secret shop, and Sassie that I know of. It can get confusing to have to go through each platform to find shops.

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