Payment from Insula?

I did my first shops with Insula Research last month. I found something on their main site that said they send out payments on the 15th of the month following the shop.

Who here has shopped with them and how quickly do you usually receive your payment? Thanks

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I haven't shopped for them for a loooonng time, but they did pay. I think they were a month out on payments, so if you shopped in January, you'd get paid in March.
Do you remember about how long ago that was?

I found a page on their main site that says the 15th of the following month, but that page was dated from 2008 so I'm not sure how current it is.
I can't remember exactly when I have gotten paid from them, but I too think it might have been the month following the shop.

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Just wanted to let everyone know in case anyone read this, but I received payment today for everything shopped in Dec.
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