Canadian shipping shops

I am curious as to which company does shipping or postal shops in Canada? I'm not particular on which company to shop, but I do have some stuff that getting the shipping cost back would be a nice bonus. Also, I don't have a specific date I need to send them by yet, but I'd just like to be ready. I'm signed up with about 50 companies so far.

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I used to do Canada Post shops but they disappeared from that company and I haven't found them again.
You couldn't mail your own package anyway. The packages were mailed to an address they provided.
So, I would mail a magazine I didn't want anymore.
Haven't come across any. Like prince, I know a MSC that used to do it but it's been quite sometime since they have been offered. CP definitely needs to be mystery shopped in case there are some MSCs looking for a new client winking smiley

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Considering all the cuts being made to/by Canada Post, it is highly unlikely that they will be participating in a MS program any time soon.
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