BARE shop in limbo

On May 8th I completed a BARE shop. The next day I got an email telling me I was missing one required photo (my mistake); I went back to the location and took it. On the job board the View/Submit button was greyed out, so I emailed my photo to the reviewer, identifying it with job name/location/my name.

Since that time the job status is Completed, but no rating has been assigned. I've sent two emails to the Help Desk (via the Help/Contact button) asking if they need additional clarification or anything else from me. No response. Do you think they'll be accepting this one?

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I'd assume so.... I had a similar issue with accidentally deleting a picture before I could upload it. I went back the same day to take the picture, emailed it in and it was accepted a couple of days later. Hopefully it'll be the same for you!
Ask your lead person or the scheduler that gave u the assignment to check on it & get a status.
I have had BARE shops that had an issue and never received a rating. However, I was paid for them.
I would reply directly from the original "You been accepted' received email. Chances are, it will go directly to the scheduler. He/she won't get paid if you don't. From what I understand most of the time anyway.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out!
I had one with them, that also happened to be my first bank shop. It was narrative heavy, and I wasn't understanding some of the questions. After I submitted it, I got a review from them back that asked for clarification. Since this time I understood more clearly what they were asking for, I was able to answer them adequately. The editor's notes are still on the shop log, but I've since gotten paid for it. I'd say it'll be ok, but doesn't hurt to get the confirmation.
I recently accepted a car wash shop for them. I have read the guidelines and thought OK I can do this, NOT! I have waited over a week for a response from the editor about this shop. I had to go to the website to see the 0.00 amount on the board. They rejected the shop. I was devastated. The car wash cost me 49.99 and i was required to buy 5.00 in gas. The shop was a nightmare in the daylight. They said the reimbursement was to be 40.00 with the gas. All the packages offered were 39.99 so I thought that was what I had to do. Nevertheless when I pulled forward they charged an extra 10.00 because I have a grand caravan.Now mind you I do not go to car washes ever, not even gas station ones. Anyway I was in it for 55.00 and three hours later they had washed the outside of my van and left it sit outside the bay window. So I went to the front and ask about it. They promised to get right on it. 20 minutes later they finally started on the vacuuming. I was in that place for five hours I finally ask the girl up front to get my van I was done and wanted to go home.
I will not be paid because I did not wait for my name to be called. 2. because I did not follow guidelines and had extra stuff added. I did not add anything They charges extra for the third row seat of my van but no where did anyone say any thing about this. I did not see a sign and it was not in the guidelines.
Anyway I was stuck with the gas bill, wash fee and shop fee not to mention it was way out of my way and a far piece from me, but that is what I get for stepping out of my comfort zone. You know what they say fool me once shame on you, fool me twice that stuff don't fly.
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