Mystery Researchers Double Payment

Just a heads-up, I received a double payment for a $15 dollar shop i did for BH. I received an email this morning at like 3am notifying me, and asking me to refund it. It's super easy to refund in PayPal, so no biggie. Hope it wasn't too big of a problem.

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I also received the email but I had already transferred the money from Pay Pal. I asked for the address and sent them a check this morning.
The same thing happened to me. Mine was 6 payments of $15.00 each. They only owed me $45.00. So, I learn how to do a refund this morning. Shopper Dude is right it is really easy.

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What I want to know is why MR/BH etc. didn't send just ONE Paypal payment, and instead made individual payments for every shop...anyone know?
Yeah, that was confusing. I wondered if they were having some kind of problem with their payment system.
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