Stericycle Limit of Shops & Routing

I just put together 2 decent routes for two different days on Stericycle. It was 26 shops. I had all the dates selected in my cart and went to checkout. The next screen explained I could only be assigned to 15 shops at once. I wasn't aware of that but it's understandable. It's the next 2 parts that I'm frustrated with. It selected 15 shops (what seems like randomly) and assigned me to those, and the other 11 are still in my cart. About 3/4 of one day's route I was able to get and about 1/4 of the second day. So I now have 2 inefficient routes. I tried to drop one of the second day's route to pick up another of the first day's and it warned that I'd lose this client for 30 days, my score would drop significantly, etc etc. I was shocked. I've only received perfect scores on the 40 shops I've done for them (all within the past 2 months or so) and never cancelled a shop or even moved a date of one before!

Has this happened to anyone else? I guess I'll email the scheduler, but I'm shocked that it would just pick 15 to assign to me and not ask me to take some out of my cart or to confirm the ones that I wanted. Then threaten such things with no previous history of flaking.

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I initially registered with CRI several months ago; however, I did not sign up for any shops because of my busy schedule. Today I tried to log in through Stericycle with the Field ID and password assigned to me as a CRI MS; however, I am unable to - no success. I really would like to add this MSC to my list. Any suggestions?
The passwords that were in place with Corporate Research International did roll over seamlessly when they moved into Stericycle. Directly under the password, there is a "Forgot user name and/or password." Have you tried to use it? They will send an e-mail to you with your name and password. It could be that you transposed a number or that you accidentally entered a wrong digit. If that does not work, call them.
The maximum is 30 not 15. You have to have them assign it though.
Do not do any at base pay ever. If you are doing that many they will
give you more for doing a group of them, just ask.

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