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Oh my I just finished my first and probably last grocery shop with Customer Impact!! I have seen this shop on the board never took it b/c it's not near me ( 12 miles away) but the scheduler called and offered an extra $10 to make it $20 fee for my drive and reimbursement of $12. It was near my parents so I thought ok I'll give it a try and visit my parents.

I had to make interaction in 8 departments and of course check out / bagger that makes 9. Get the names AND full description isn't the name enough and if there is no name then use full description?? That's how it generally is with other reports... Each section had a word minimum too, I don't have a problem writing a lot but there is only so much you can say about some departments without just reiterating what you checked in the yes / no box if the interaction is very brief. I asked if they carried black cod, staff said NO did not offer any other suggestions end of story??!!! Instead I had to fill fluff / restate the yes and no questions I already answered to meet the narrative minimum.

Are all the other grocery shops with other MSCs like this?

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I think they want the narrative even if you check yes or no box. That way it would prove that you did not check a box in error.
Last year and the year before, I did over a hundred shops for them. And they were all like what you described.
They ask for a description because sometimes there are people that have the same name working there. They want to make sure who the associate is. I don't find it unreasonable.
While I've never done one, it sounds a lot like the Trendsource grocery shops. Those grocery shops never met the smell test to me. 8 departments, a cashier and bagger? I suppose they also had you checking the restrooms and freshness dates on the meat, cheese, and bread!! Next they'll be asking you to restock the shelves. Thanks for the heads up incase I see them in the future. My rule of thumb is at least 6 dollars per interaction and report. I wouldn't touch these for less than $55.00, when I can get $20 for an arches shop with a bonus and a 10 minute multiple choice/fill in the blank report.

proudly shopping in the D.
PaulinM>"I suppose they also had you checking the restrooms and freshness dates on the meat, cheese, and bread!!"<

The $4 dollar shop fee for a certain grocery store expects these observations done plus the milk cooler and racks and the produce section smiling smiley

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Sunny, I know what ones you're talking about. Another shop I avoid unless it has a bonus, but at least there is only one quick floor interaction. And because of the size of the store, the freshness checking goes pretty quick.

proudly shopping in the D.
Thanks for the feedback, interesting Paul that you have a base per interaction I think that's a good guideline... I never thought about it that way... I guess compared to some of the stuff I've done it was def really tedious since after a couple of interactions I had to go to an empty aisle and jot down the names and descriptions quickly... Plus having an interaction in every single department was a little overkill in my mind. Esp when they have multiple shoppers going to the same store within dates apart, maybe each shopper can do 3-4 departments. The scheduler told me the specific dates to go since another shopper was already going just a few days before me. I feel like the amount of work is on par with a fine dining report except I don't get the food or nice service.

Canuck, good for you for doing them!! I am in agreement with Paul, I will stick to the other retail shops with like 1-3 interactions that pay $20-50.
Yeah Aayaey, there's more profitable and productive ways to spend your time. In my area, there are several "superstores" that I shop often. You only shop one department and a cashier for 10 + 2 reimb.. The good thing is that you can stack up to 7 departments in the same store in the same visit. I always felt these grocery shops should be the same way.

proudly shopping in the D.
Guess I forgot to mention that I was doing those shops for $12 fee Plus reimbursement. I have never done them for any less than that. I found it easier and easier to do. I agree, there's a lot of narrative but I got used to it. I give them what they want. The client I was doing the shops for are probably not the same client as yours.

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Hey Canuck the OP stated these shops were for Customer Impact. I shop for CI, but there are no grocery shops in this area, so I imagine it's a regional thing. I sure didn't mean to dismiss you for doing these shops. With over a 100 in a year, I'm sure you've got it down to a science. AND that is solid coin. I was just trying to point out my impressions of the assignment. The best thing about this business is we can all decide what works best for us.

PS., I'm so close to Canada I can throw a rock at it. I love everything about the great white north except when their hockey teams are playing the Wings.

BTW, I'm considering a FTJ relocation to Houston. How's life down there?

proudly shopping in the D.
I was with Customer Impact. They had a big grocery client here in west Texas. It seems the client has moved on. I don't do them anymore. I should have mentioned this.
The grocery store I did was kind of upscale, smaller local chain. It was $10 fee and $12 reimbursement, and it was bonused at $10 so I guess my total is $32. Forgot to mention I had to do it between 3-8pm and with traffic to this part of town, it was a total pain, not matter what time I went I would have either hit traffic going or traffic coming back, unless I left my house at 7:00pm and it would have been really tight to get there. That's prob what put me in a bad mood too when 12 miles away, it took me over an hour to get home... The only shops I see for CI in my area are grocery shops, I have read a a lot of ppl enjoy their restaurant shops but I have yet to see it on the boards. I was hoping if I did one of their shops maybe I can see other stuff or they might call me for other shops? The scheduler told me they also have cell phone shops in my area but she said those go really quick!
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