Maritz - Grocery Audit

I have done this audit three times for a $25 bonus but, even with the bonus, it is taking too long. For the last audit, I went later in the day hoping the store had its act together and I would take less photos. Wrong. This must be the worst store. This is the only shop I have performed for Maritz, but the time required is not worth it unless they up the bonus. What is the highest bonus other shoppers have gotten for this shop?

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Actually there is a system to doing these GAs for MCX. I have my system down to a point where I can be in and out of the store in less than 45minutes. Taking pictures is not an art but a science of knowing what pictures to take. Some store won't have there act together. That is why WE keep going back. You control the number of pictures you take. I get bonuses but they are not frequent enough to do the shops on a continual basis. I do like to do there shops because these stores sell merchandise that is lower than more popular Grocery storessmiling smiley
I can get out of the store in an hour or less. I think my problem is photo upload. I have been sending them from my iPad to my computer and reporting from my computer. Perhaps next time I'll try to do the report right from my iPad. That may save me a whole lot of time.
I've done this shop a few times, always with a $50 bonus. They've asked me to do it for less, but it's about two hours of work with driving time, time spent in-store, and reporting time, so I insist on my typical bonus. I haven't done it in a couple of years so there must be someone in the area willing to do it for less.
Funny I was just about to post about this exact audit and ask what would be the minimum others would take to do this shop. I did my first audit for them this morning with a very small bonus considering the amount of work lol. Even with the learning curve, the time it takes to audit, the report time and the uploading of pictures and resizing is lengthy.

I think my minimum going forward is going to be in the 50-60 dollar range.

Shopping Boston and North Shore MA
I have done this shop before for a $20 bonus, but now I require a minimum of a $40 bonus.
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