Beyond Hello/Mystery Researchers Inaccessible by Phone

I like this company and have done several shops for them, but it does give me pause when you cannot reach anyone by phone. I was just checking out the job board and had a question about a shop. There was no scheduler or contact email listed in the shop post, and the answer was not going to be found in the FAQs so I called. It is answered by an automated system. I press 4 for the mystery shopper department. Their message box is completely full. Okay, I'll go for the main line. Oops, it's full as well. For the middle of a work day, that seems a little odd to me. Naturally, I can't take the shop as I don't know the answer to my question. Considering that I have recently called two other companies with "live" people responding with superb friendliness and eager to assist, this was really disappointing.

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Wow, I was just thinking of trying to call Beyond Hello. I applied for a lunch shop for today and have not received acceptance yet. Well today's lunch time period is about to pass, and I'm actually really hungry! I was also surprised to not have received acceptance yet too since it is the middle of the day and they should be working. My shop post also does not have a scheduler name, email, or phone number. Frustrating!
I had questions about what I think are the same or very similar jobs. I emailed another random scheduler since I wasn't able to find a scheduler listed for these jobs, and she responded back very quickly with an offer to follow up for me. I just went to the main page and found a scheduler's email address. Let me know if you want it and I'll PM it to you. (I don't want her to get spammed).

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I tried three times to get my Scheduler yesterday and today, using the link on my shop. Instead of responding after almost 24 hours they took my shop off me and offered it with a nice bonus. So much for support. They can't answer when the is am issue but they can sure reassign.
This is completely typical with this company. If I have a question, nobody answers the phone. Most of the time I can't get a scheduler to respond to an email either. Or multiple emails. The only time I seem to be able to talk to them is if they call me and ask me to take a job. I will say that as long as you don't have a problem, this company is usually flawless to work for.

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We all must be thinking of the same project…. I do not want to accept a job based on the description on the board, then have to cancel upon reading the full guidelines.

Can anyone tell me if the drive-thru study allows passengers? Does it require a taste test of the food, or just a timed acquisition?
I don't know what has happened to Beyond Hell0 after their big "we're one happy family "merger. Right after the merger they had many many shops and now they have only a few. It seems they are dying on the vine! I really enjoyed working for them but now they hardly ever have a shop in my area, Greater Atlanta.
I applied for the drive thru but it was for tomorrow so I just cancelled. It says you have to watch a video and something else to qualify. No links to that. I'm sending emails back to scheduler asking for help qualifying, no one is responding.

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I also saw the same post.. I haven't apply yet. I was going to watch the video and take the quiz before I apply.

If any one does this shop please let us know.
Call Mystery Researchers. They are the MSC. Or you could read the shop listing. They say that no news is no need.

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Beyond Hello has gone nuts!. I usually fill out my form prior to the shop, just the date and one or two questions I already know the answer to and then I save it as incomplete. I do it with other companies and they have no problem with it. Before I even went to the shop today I got a message in my shop log that I wasn't allowed to fill out the form prior to the shop and got an automatic rating of 9 before I even submitted the shop. Anybody else have this problem? It's totally absurd.
That's a shock. I sometimes do the same thing when I'm going to be entering the report on my phone or tablet.

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After not getting paid for a shop, small as it was, I'm done with them altogether. They are the first company in my short mystery shopping 'career' that I have excised from my life. No regrets.
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