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Has anyone else been switched over to the new Sassie format in Bare? It's just terrible IMHO. It's much more difficult to follow the questions to the answers in the new survey format.

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I have not used it since it has changed. Is there anyway to contact the scheduler and let them know the issues at hand? I had worked with them often in the past and felt I had a great rapport with her. If they have no issues what the problems are on our end they cannot do anything to fix it or even know about it. I hope that they can be contacted somehow! Just a thought.


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I find the new format very hard to use. The biggest problem is that the upload links in some of the shipping scenarios are the same color as the background color until you get lucky and hover over it. The wide screen format requires much more navigating around than the older format.

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It's a bit busy for my tastes. Maybe I'll get used to it, but I prefer a simpler design. But I guess as long as it works, not too big an issue.
I'm usually not thrown for a loop with change but this new format is sooooo hard to read! The boxes are gone and the text is all over the place. The colors are hard to read thru...and it's making me tired!

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I agree with BeachBumess. In the case of the contract shipper shops, the links for adding photos or scans are EXACTLY the same color as the background in that area. So you have to hover around until you find them. And for the regular shipping shops, the new format is far less efficient. It does seem to show up better on my smart phone, but I don't enter the reports on my smart phone.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
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