Stericycle - Total shops completed

Before yesterday, I hadn't done any shops for them since July 2014. I had completed 36 shops up to this point. Yesterday morning, I assigned and completed three shops. I looked last night and they were all approved, but it still shows my total shops completed as 36. In the past, this has always been updated once the shops were approved. I'm just a little confused if there's now a delay for this to be updated (since it's been so long since I've completed any shops for them), or if maybe it's a glitch on the website. I'm not too concerned about it; I'm sure I'll be paid. Anyone else experiencing this?

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Made me look. OMG. I've done 361 bank, blizzard and pool store shops since 2/2/10. lol I'll watch to see if that goes up. Getting ready to do 2 $40 personal banker shops. I highly recommend waiting until the END of the month to take these shops. They start them at $5. lol

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They only have gas stations, book stores, and clothing shops in my area sad smiley. Wish they had $40 bank shops here! I definitely never do their shops for the starting fee.
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