Annoyed with Intellishop

I did a [client name deleted] shop for Intellishop 2 weeks ago. This required sending $25 to a fictional person in Mexico, and attempting to have it refunded at the location a few minutes later. I followed the directions, and the agent refused the refund. In the shop guidelines it says that if this happens, they will work to have your money refunded right away. My report was accepted and given a grade of 10/10.

I have been in contact with the scheduler twice, and both times I have gotten nowhere. Does anyone have any ideas on who to contact there to get the ball rolling on this? I am not happy having the money tied up this long, especially when the guidelines led me to believe I'd have it back in short order.

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2 weeks is sure not in my definition of 'right away'. 2 contacts with scheduler getting nowhere is a sign of attempting to handle it through 'proper channels'. Next step Ron Welty 877-894-6349
I've heard lots of people on this forum talk about complications with this particular job. I hope you get it sorted out. Keep us posted!

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Ohh, I saw that job tonight and I thought to myself that there was no way I would take it. I've done a few [client name deleted] shops where you cancel before you complete the transaction and I've had horrible customer service almost every time. I assumed that they would refuse to refund the money.

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I've done a few of these shops that don't require sending any money and they make great filler shops if you are already shopping within a block or two.

As soon as I saw the details of this new shop it went on my, as some here call it, 10 foot pole list. No way I am sending any money as many of these places are super shady. Also there is always a fee so even if I got my money back, they are obviously smoking something if they think I'm going to eat a fee for a $10 shop.

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I have seen these offered and wondered to whom I would have to send the money, assuming that I would have to somehow make up a person (and contact information)? Having the name of a real person might even make it worse. I decided after reading here about problems which arose to avoid this shop, even though one of the locations was in a good neighborhood in a friendly chain supermarket.

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I was considering doing one of these shops for Intellishop, since it was on the way to another better paying shop. I have never done one of these. But the way Intellishop has it set up, I can't see the Guidelines/details until I confirm the shop date (self assigned); and I don't want to confirm until I know what is involved and if it is something worth doing. Without naming the client, could someone tell me what's involved. This is one where I am to send $20 ahead of time, then attempt to cancel it. Help please!!!
I've done two of these shops, and both were colossal headaches. On the first, I got a refund, but only after jumping through numerous hoops... I ultimately ended up having to wire myself the money on that one. I walked in with $25 in cash and walked out with $25 in cash, but it took A LOT of work to make it happen. The second shop was completed 8/8 and I didn't receive a refund. I emailed the scheduler and was told it should be soon. Mmhmm. So I pretty much paid to do a shop. Add to that, if (for whatever reason) the MSC decides my report isn't acceptable, not only will I not be paid for a pretty hefty amount of time and effort, I'm also out $25 to boot.

I'd have to look at the receipt to be sure, but I think the refund policy for that particular money transfer company has a 30 minute cut-off. The location of the second shop I did happened to "shut their system down" at 4:30 p.m. (I wasn't told this until it was too late). I was within shop guidelines, but got to the counter at 4:34 p.m.

Plus, once you've sent money with that company and they have your name and phone #, your information pops up and your previous transactions are seen by the agent. Sending money out of the country and requesting a refund more than once raises some eyebrows. They also asked me the reason for the refund. If you're considering this one, be prepared for more work than the guidelines might lead you to expect. The form isn't hard and the shop seems straightforward enough, but I'd beware.
Just call [client initials deleted] customer service on the receipt and cancel your transfer. It will take two minutes then go to any WU and pick up your cash. I did that shop and you're stressing over nothing. That's a good shop, no need to be stressed over it, and you don't need to tell [client initials deleted] that you're a mystery shopper. You wired via WU, nobody picked up the money, you simply cancel and get your cash. The scheduler can't do anything about it, you wired the money. It's so easy to get your cash back, and you don't need to go to the same [client initials deleted]. I don't understand why you didn't do that already, like I said, I did the shop and the same thing happened. Although I will say this, intellishop should note in the guidelines that this could happen.
Intellishop does indeed note in the guidelines that this could happen. They are very explicit that if this happens, they will work to get the money back to you as soon as possible. Their instructions do not, in any way, state that it is my responsibility to cancel the transfer. Also, the emails back and forth between me and the scheduler do not state that I need to contact [client name deleted].
Agreed, thegov. The MSC makes it clear that they'll work on obtaining the refund on the shopper's behalf. If they are truly working on that refund, it doesn't sit well with me to go in on my own and request it. Nowhere in the guidelines is that mentioned as an option, nor has the scheduler suggested it to me.

Msb-- Out of curiosity, is the MSC aware that you obtained your refund the way you did? If so, was your shop still accepted? Did you actually get the green light from anyone at the MSC to obtain your refund in this way? And were you refunded the entire amount (service fee along with the transfer amount)?

I *do* stress over $25 of my own money going missing during the course of a shop. I don't mystery shop for kicks and giggles; I appreciate/need the income. $25 pays for quite a few back to school supplies, or one minimum monthly payment on a credit card.

When I contacted the scheduler and described the first shop I did (in which a refund was given), he was genuinely surprised at the amount of work it took to get said refund. I'm not sure anyone at the MSC understood how complicated and problematic this seemingly straightforward shop could be when they first posted it.
When I initially applied for this shop they didn't even put in those details yet. I didn't know I would have to request a refund or go back again to the location. It was a nightmare and a waste of time.
I got burnt by the confusion on this too [and actually really like Intellishop]

I did one of these shops last month, and (surprise surprise), the location refused to give me a refund.
My understand is I'm not supposed to call the client and cancel, but let Intellishop sort it out.
I e-mailed the scheduler twice and NEVER got a response from him about it.
After some phone calls, I finally got an e-mail from the scheduler saying I can receive a refund (but never a response to my initial inquiry), and they provided the MTCN # I could use.
Of course, that MTCN was only good in the state that I conducted the shop in, which is not where I was located.
Called the client's customer service, they fixed it and I was able to get my money.

I do wish that scheduler would actually bother to read shopper's e-mails (or the two voicemails I left him). I like the shop, but if you're not going to show me the respect of responding to my legitimate e-mails about issues with the shop, I don't feel like I should show them the respect of conducting the shop.

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Well, I did the shop today. My scenario was different than several of the posters here. I was to send $20 to a fake name in Mexico, leave the store, return to the same store within 30 minutes, and say I wanted to cancel the money send. All went very well, and the agent gave me no difficulty in refunding my $20 plus the $5 fee. BUT she would not allow me to keep the original transaction receipt, saying she needed to destroy it. I even asked if I could take a photo of it for my records, and she said no. What I think she did, rather than cancelling the original send, was enter a new transaction with me sending myself $25 dollars--at least that's what the final receipt shows. The shop requires photos (or scans) of the original transaction receipt (which I don't have), and the PDS and cancellation receipt. I've submitted the shop--and will see what happens. It would have been very nice if the guidelines mentioned this--I could have taken a photo of the original receipt instead of foolishly thinking I could scan it in at home.

If the shop is approved, it was a very simple write-up with minimal narrative, and worth doing. I'll update once I hear something.
For the OP, I've known Intelli-shop to issue payments around the 20-21st of each month. The $25 may be in their next batch payment cycle a few days from now.
Oh to clarify; mine was also the $20 to a fake person in Mexico shop. You lucked out that she gave you the refund! smiling smiley

Somewhere in the Midwest, shopping / auditing full time since 2014. Will use PV-500 for food! smiling smiley
I just thought I would add to this that apparently I have been deactivated by Intellishop for violating the ICA. I don't know if it's a result of this post or because I told the scheduler that I was going to go get my refund from Western Union directly. Either way, even if I could get my account reactivated, I'm not going to.
I can't say for sure why since I don't work for Intellishop, but mentioning the name of a client and the MS co together is a violation of every ICA from every company.

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Yeah, I was angry when I posted and didn't think to remove the name of the client. I've now been paid for the shop itself, but I haven't gotten anywhere with the $25 refund.

ETA: I've just now, finally, been emailed with my refund ID. Only took 24 days!

@RESO wrote:

I can't say for sure why since I don't work for Intellishop, but mentioning the name of a client and the MS co together is a violation of every ICA from every company.

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Did one of these yesterday. Got my refund on site (which was actually really surprising, this was a small town, and I was surprised they knew the policy). I was very pleased I didn't have to deal with the turnaround on the refund.

Somewhere in the Midwest, shopping / auditing full time since 2014. Will use PV-500 for food! smiling smiley

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I'm not a fan of Intellishop either, had several issues with editors with very simple shops.. A pain in the butt and a waste of time.
I got 10s from them & quick payment. I guess I;m on their good side since I dont break the ICA,
Here is the person who was quick to get back to me. I had the same experience and had to email twice to tell them the client had not returned my $25 (it does not come from the MSC, just your shop fee). He apologized and said it would be soon, though has never said how the refund would be processed/sent, so I am just waiting to get paid back from the client.

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Thank you msb, Intellishop never told me how to get the refund, they just said the client would pay me back. They never said I had to go through the refund process with the client. So now I understand I am supposed to go through them myself. This was not noted in the shop guidelines and i thought the shop would take care of it. Good to know!
That same scheduler is the one who finally provided me the refund code for the client in question, and who also deactivated me.
I'm sorry Eric, but that is just not true. On the 20th of the month, I received the shopper fee, but I have never received the refund from the client. The scheduler has been emailing me but I am still unclear, do they want us to get it directly from the client or what?!
Oh no! Got a grade of 1 on a shop with no email and no comment. What's up with that??? Sent an inquiry, hope to get an answer. Will let you know.

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@MDavisnowell wrote:

Oh no! Got a grade of 1 on a shop with no email and no comment. What's up with that??? Sent an inquiry, hope to get an answer. Will let you know.

Oh no! Let us know what happens... my money is on it being a typo and they just left off the second digit (0). Fingers crossed!

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That shop is stupid. I am avoiding taking such shops. In other hand they are getting very ridiculous in their other shops, for $7 pay and $2 reimbursement they need very comprehensive report. And asking to compare one place to another that was not in manual for such shop.

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