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Anyone else have to do a certification for this fast casual burger place?... I didn't have to do it before...

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I had to do a certification for (two fast food establishments). I assume these certifications are for new people or when they feel the shopper may require additional training. I feel that it really helped in regards to getting my feet wet. It shows what to look for.
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They have one client that everyone has to take a certification test for.

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For that one, I was offered the certification after I had already done a shop. The way it was worded is that by being certified you were now a "premiere" shopper for that establishment. Since then I was offered those shops with bonus to do. I am guessing if someone else flaked. Doesn't hurt to have it.
@MysVal That's what happened! I only did one shop and then got the certification notification. Thanks!
I did two shops for that fast casual, then when I decided to take a third, got the notice to take the certification. I think they made a very minor change to the ordering guidelines.

Lo and behold, they called me for another one of these shops with a fat bonus the next day....yippee.

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