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Can anyone tell me about this company? They have a shop on jobslinger that looks intriguing...I just can't find any info about this company..

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I have worked with them for several years and have enjoyed it. They don't have a lot in my area and some of the furniture places do not have enough staff turnover to do the shops more than about twice a year. (Even though their rotation is only 30 days I think, it is a little challenging to be greeted by the salesperson from six months ago who remembers not only your alias but the sofa you liked!) I find the pay is fair for the expectations and payment has never been an issue. There is a new shopper sign up at [] Because they have limited opportunities in my market, I have only done about 20 shops for them and they do pay in about 60 days without demand or other malarkey. I am age excluded from some of their shops and size excluded from others.
I like them.

They pay like clockwork, but you are looking at about 60 days for payment. The reports are usually a combo of narrative and checklists in Sassie, and I have never had an issue with scheduling, editorial or getting paid. They operate very professionally and have maintained many of the same clients over the many years I've worked for them.

Some of the reimbursements are a really good value for the time spent on the report and others....not so good. If the shops is attractive to you, I'd recommend trying it.

Edited after reading Flash's post to add: They have one report that I was recently age-excluded from. An email to the scheduler got me assigned immediately and I even got a call to repeat the shop this month, so I don't know how firm the age requirements are.

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Honey chile, I'm close to 20 years beyond their age limit on the one in my area and 7 dress sizes too large for the other smiling smiley I have done the age excluded one for them when they got in a bind and I was definitely out of my element. I would do it again if they needed me to because I too find them very professional, but I would not seek it out due to the 'fish out of water' syndrome smiling smiley

Edited to add: I can make up all kinds of BS to pull off a shop, but knowing one's limits for even vaguely being credible is important!

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I always liked Celeste. I never enjoyed the editors. They only have flooring stuff here, and an occaision P/R shoe thing I won't do. The editors requirements were so ridiculous tht phone shops were taking 20 minutes on the phone due to yappy people, and 40 minutes to write up. I quit after several pushbacks that I did not have enough quotes. My gosh. I practically transcribed the entire conversation. For me, given my experience, they would have to get some client I MUST do, or I will probably not subject myself to that for flooring ever again...

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Interesting. I have never gotten any real editor funk. I have learned that even if the restroom was totally unremarkable it still needs to be mentioned in the narrative. While that to me screams ABSURDITY, I can play the game. "The restroom was clean and unremarkable."
I think the lion's share of the decent shops are in CA.

I won't do the dress shop, because I refuse to do P&R shops :^)

I do frequent a music store, Italian FF place, warehouse grocery store and pet food store they have that meet my time vs. pay requirements.

If I can do a 2-hour narrative for a single dinner for me, I can justify a 1-hour narrative that keeps the cat fed for a month.
Yes, you do have a wider variety. My favorite with them was a movie that the theater had the audacity to change chains sad smiley That was a sweet gig, small fee, tickets for 2, snack, get the trailers and report cleanliness etc. Nice night at the movies and we could pick whatever was showing.
Thank you! Well, looks like I'll give it a try. The only thing I find confusing about the shop on jobslinger, is the fact that it says that I may return purchase in 24 hours. Doesn't say I have to, so I'm thinking it's not a requirement. It's a bit out of my way, but I can do a couple of others in that area from other companies and make it worth my while..
I work for them, and just passed the Casino I need to learn to gamble(just do sloats).

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