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Yes. I do some restaurants for them occasionally and have had no real issues. They do state that they will pay within 30 days and that rarely happens--in fact I think it only happened on my first shop with them.
They are offering restaurant shop but gives no description on the restaurant, type of food,address etc.
can not find how to contact them for information.
If you can see it on their website, click on the name and you will see more about the shop.
Already have, again, no address, no type of restaurant, just that it is for two and reimbursement amount.
I think they set up their server as Their shops are being scheduled by Summit but I feel certain Shannon could answer your questions.
My issue with them is that I signed up successfully but I never log in. It takes it but just keeps coming back to the log in page.. It's really weird.
They supply the User name and password. When you return to the log in page there is no note of unknown user or password? I log in from Firefox and have no issues with it.
Yeah, there is nothing. It seems to take it but I get no error messages or for that matter any sign in acknowledgement. It just keeps coming back to the that home page. I emailed them the first day and never ever had a reply.
Try putting in your email address you use for shops and hit 'forgot password' if you haven't tried that already. I thought I registered my usual way as my email address but they assigned me a different user name.
Nope -- same thing. It let me change my password, but it just never logs me in. They actually gave me a username and that's what I've been using. I still have my registration email they sent with the username and password.
I signed up as with them as well. All they are willing to give me is a zip code and it's a $100 reimbursement dining w/bar. with 138 Shopmetrics fields. I don't want to apply without having some idea what I'm going out for.

If it turns out to be Indian food, I'll pass. If it turns out to be a good Italian place, I'd write a detailed report for some properly made veal parm. that is pounded out to order. Every other company I have shopped for that is reimbursement only will give you the name of the restaurant before you commit to the shop. There was mention of not getting two of the same pasta dishes.

I think I have figured it out based on the bar hours and the hint it is Italian. I'm booked for the two days left on this shop round anyhow.

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Greetings Shoppers!

Thank you for your inquiries. This is the owner of All-Star, David Kantner. Shoppers are the key to our client’s success. Just as an FYI, we have been in business over 12 years and have been featured in the newspaper, TV and radio – so you have helped us with some well-known brands.
If you have any questions please email us at: or call 817-295-3013. Regarding logon, our system is working fine we use the Shopmetrics platform and we have hundreds of shoppers logging in daily – zero problems on our end. Sometimes it’s a browser, sometimes it’s a connection, sometimes it’s a case sensitive password that is not typed in correctly, etc. And we even have spent time with some people that had a virus on their PC. That may not be your situation but usually other shoppers log on and get the shops because we know loggin on works. THANK YOU Flash!! Thank you for saying “They supply the User name and password…I log in from Firefox and have no issues with it.”
Regarding the location of the restaurant, angel4tc – please call us at 817-295-3013. You can understand the last thing a client wants is their restaurant name/address out there with thousands of shoppers.  We put it a general zip out there and shoppers that are interested in that zip, “apply” and state, “I would like the name of the restaurant before I commit”. That is a fair question and we oblige because now the restaurant name is in front of an “interested” shopper. I can tell you, if I lived close to these, I would love to do these shops. It is GREAT food.
Thank you shoppers!!! Contact us directly, so we don’t overlook your specific shop issues in a forum and thanks so much for the thousands of shoppers that helped us through the years!!!


David Kantner
@dkantner wrote:

THANK YOU Flash!! Thank you for saying “They supply the User name and password…I log in from Firefox and have no issues with it.”

David Kantner

You are welcome. I DO, however, wish that I could use my own user name and password because I hate having to look up my assigned one every time I go to search the site.
I can chime in that David is a class act and they are wonderful to work for. I did a series of shops for them last year and was very impressed. I'd be more impressed if they would get another round of them lol.

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