Has anyone heard anything about this company or applied for this company. From what Ive seen advertised this company gives you $1000 to shop with, thats all i know. But in order for you to receive the $1000 you have to complete the offers that they specify. Can someone please let me know if they have signed up with this company or know of anyone that has. Please send me a private message. Thank You

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This company is not a mystery shopping provider. Legitimate msps do not have you complete "offers." See Jacob's list and sign up with as many of those companies as you can. That's where you'll find the real mystery shopping jobs. Also, read the replies under "Mystery Shopping Discussion" >> "I need help getting started with my mystery shopping." There is help there from experienced shoppers who are more than willing to help you get started on the right foot and answer any and all questions you might have. Good luck.
When I went to my web guard came up with a big "Don't Go There" pop-up. I asked for more info and they cited spam, popup flooding, phishing, spyware, adware, viruses and even 1 report of porn. Altogether, there were over 125 reports of the above and only 33 people sent in safe reports.
I trust my web guard.
This is a scam. Also do not answer e-mails from Employer Connection. It is a pay site and only wants your money. I received about 50 e-mails from them over the last month. They want a fee for the jobs. DO NOT PAY FOR SHOPS.
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