Any one has experience with GFK?

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I have done work for GFK. I found them to be straight forward in their instructions and to pay as promised.

The only "challenge" that I have with them is that their stuff, around here anyway, pays on the lower end of the scale.
Love their gas shops all the time.......good pay for the small amount of work and their audit forms are super easy. They also have CC signage shops that are even easier........been with them over 3 years now.
I like their gas stations well enough but will only do them when there are a few of the available since it is not time efficient to take their test for one shop. Pay is ok with no issues.
Very reliable company. The shops are straightforward, with no guessing games as to what is expected. They pay twice a month and it always comes in on time.
I think I have applied to this site, but maybe not, I will though. I have a folder for unfinished applicatios, its probally in there. The companies contact me everyday and ask when will I finish the application, how 'bout when I have time or a notary or some I can't figure out how to send stuff correctly, like a copy of my ID came out so distorted I went from XL to XXXXXXL, I will never get jobs with that photo. Companies ( and people in general) are prejudice if you are 20lbs over weight or 20lbs underweight. lol Yall lighten up! ya know ha ha
I found that my scanner did such a miserable job with my driver's license that I took a picture with my digital camera--I actually probably took 20 until I got one that looked clear enough--and that jpg is what I keep to send to those companies that insist on a photo ID.
I wish I could just make copies and mail'em. The post office is still in business I hear. lol I wish these companies knew that.
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