Cannot Self Assign Beyond Hello Shop

Anyone else having this problem or know of a solution? I am eligible to self assign a shop but the calendar is all greyed out so I cannot pick a date. I am in the correct calendar month and am looking for a date within the range specified. I suspect that the scheduler did not set up the calendar correctly in Sassie. I sent an email and left a voice mail but of course no one has gotten back to me.

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It could be that, or it could be that you've actually completed the shop before and haven't reached the end of your rotation yet. I see that sometimes.
Thanks, good point. However I just checked and I should be ok with the rotation since I have never shopped this location before and it's been over 30 days at another location with the same client.
I have had this happen and when I contacted the scheduler she explained it to me. I'm not sure I'm remembering right, but I think it had something to do with requirements not to have shops too close together at the same location. When another shopper self-assigns for that location it grays out certain dates and then the scheduler has to go in and change the dates.

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This happens regularly to me with an MSC using Sassie. The calendar dates are grayed out. I can type the date into the box (when will you complete this shop - or some such), but without highlighting the date on the calendar, it's a no go. I then have to email the scheduler, which is a pain, as I should be able to self-assign. The scheduler advises that it happens to her also, and she has to "work around".
I was assigned the shop by the scheduler who answered my email. . The scheduler did not offer any explanation of what caused the problem.
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