experience with shoppers confidential inc

hi, anyone have experience working with this company? just wondering when they pay and everyone's experiences working with this company, thanks!

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I completed my first assignment for them last month and got paid in a timely manner. However, I was charged a fee by Paypal for accepting the payment, which reduced my fee so I'm not impressed at all. None of the other companies I work with shaft me for the Paypal fees. I'm kinda ticked that this company chooses to have their shoppers pay the fees rather than pay it themselves.

I've written to their help desk to see if this can be remedied but I highly doubt it. If Paypal will be eating a percentage of my fee with every shop, I'll pass on doing any more shops for this company.
I have a shop scheduled for them in a couple of weeks. It's pre-paid, so I won't have the Paypal issue this time. I'll be careful with anything else I decide to take on after reading this.

Thanks for posting!
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