Post Office Shop pay question

I did several post office shops last month and today I saw them on a pay statement but.....and I have emailed the scheduler already....they didn't have the reimbursement amount of up to $8.55 plus the fee as my pay. Instead they had only the $12 fee as payment. Has anyone else seen this before with this company on their pay statement? I know we just started doing them so no one may know, but I am wondering what to expect. I've never had this issue before.


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I have never done these shops before last month, so I can not speak to the way it has been done in the past, but it is probably just an oversight. You wrote to them, so hopefully they'll get back to you soon. You gave them your proof of expenses. They probably just need to work some bugs out of the new system. Sit tight.
If you are looking at them at the 'pay history' on the site, it doesn't show everything. Before the Post Office shops started I did a shop for them that had a fee, a nice bonus and a reimbursement. The 'pay history' part of the site showed the fee + bonus (i.e. the taxable part of the deal) but not the reimbursement. When I was paid the payment came through with the full fee, bonus and reimbursement. So at this point I wouldn't worry about not seeing the reimbursement because when the check arrives it will probably include it.
Let us know what your scheduler says, please, TexGmn. I'm in the same boat, too. All of my other ShopMetrics MSCs include reimbursements on the pay statements, but I don't want to bunch my panties just yet winking smiley
Same here, the pay statement only shows fees and not expense reimbursement.

The statement was dated yesterday (as of this writing) so I'll keep an eye on it, to see how it comes through, based on Flash's experience related above.

And hope the holiday on Wednesday doesn't slow up the show too much!
This month the shops came up as $4 + 8.55 reimbursement, I thought it was a typo but they are still there. Maybe that is the $12?

My guess is this is the reason they are ALL still available and no one is taking them.
I wouldn't (and didn't) apply for them at $12. At $4, I will gaily wave at the post office -- as I drive right by it.

smiling smiley
When I picked them up I grabbed 4 of them, all within a 5 mile radius . I already had 3 items that needed to be shipped so I just split one of them up. I got them for $14 + Reimbursement so it was well worth it. If you already have something you need to ship, then even at $4 + Reimbursement is a good deal, but if you do not have anything and must make something up to ship, it is not worth the time at $4
My survey summary clearly indicated a $12 fee + $8.55 reimbursement for postage and box.
The pay rate on my pay history shows $12. Hopefully Flash is correct, and they pay both the fee and reimbursement.
Please keep me posted on how you're payments are doing...mine is stating only the $12 on my history also.
My scheduler said I should receive payment around the 15th with the 3 shops I completed plus the reimbursement as agreed. I'll be looking for that. Like Sandman, I had items to mail anyway so it wasn't an issue for me to pick them up even though, well, the pay was less than I had done them for before. Since my grandkids live far from me, I usually take these shops to mail the packages if things I have bought for them anyway.

Soooo....if my information is correct, checks for paymen/reimbursement t should be around the 15th. Does anyone know if they pay through PayPal? I really prefer that or direct deposit.....Guess I'll have to go look and see.

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