Second to None Feedback or Scoring?

I recently did my first shop for STN, and the reporting platform isn't one I've seen or used before. My shop was reviewed within two days, and is now pending payment. So it was acceptable and accepted. But I don't see anyplace that they give any feedback, and am not sure how their "scoring" works. I didn't get any requests for clarification, and there's a "quality rating" of 3 in the shop-specific screen, and four stars on my account. I've no clue what these mean.... TIA!

I will say that the scheduler I worked with on this job was great! And I thought I did a good job on the report, but "3" sounds pretty mediocre.

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.

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I haven't worked with them often because they have few shops near me. There were almost always big chunks of their surveys that needed to be N/A because the options and questions for different variations were all on the same shop form. So if your shop was A, you answered all the A questions accordingly and did N/A for B, C and D which your shop was not. I don't remember shops ever being "scored" so am surprised to see that I have 4 stars on my dashboard and 'Learn More' indicates 3 stars for the work I have performed for them in a year. I don't even remember doing anything for them in a year. I remember them as being available and pleasant to work with and I don't recall ever having a pay issue with them.
I do not remember being scored. Apparently there is a new star ranking. I show 5 stars based on a average quality rating of 2 with 5 clarifications out of 12 shops.

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I do quite a few shops for STN and would like more in my area. The company pays on time, usually 4 to 6 weeks. I have a 5 star rating now and can self assign some shops rather than waiting around to see if my app has been accepted. The only two times I have heard from them about feedback is when they needed clarification on an item.
Thanks, all! Though I've been registered with STN for ages, I'd never done a shop before. But they must start you off with a base four-star rating, as that showed up on my dashboard even before I'd done the shop. So, it looks as if the "star" rating is based on your overall reporting plus reliability, and the numerical rating is given for each specific shop?

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
I don't understand the ranking system either. I have 5 stars and am able to self-assign, but if I click on Learn More it says my average quality rating is...... 2.

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Ratings are not shared. I think there is an annual review, which awards or denies stars. Five stars allow self-assignments. Who knows what the average quality rating means. It is not explained, so as far as I am concerned, it is irrelevant. They do not provide writing samples, or require character limits. Whatever? I can give them that.
How or when do you go from 4 stars to 5 stars? How many shops did you have to do for them before they gave you 5 stars to self-assign? Thanks in advance
I think for me it was after my first two or three shops.

We are all here on earth to help others....What on earth the others are here for I don't know.

--W. H. Auden
I just looked and I have a 4 star also. I have done shops for them but it has been a while (since they had the pizza shop). On the page where it displayed my rating, it says that it is based upon shops that I have completed in the last year (which is why I am rated the same as a newbie).

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My quality rating is now visible to me, by clicking on "Learn More" underneath my stars.

I dug up an email from STN containing some detail of their new ranking system. There are two parts to the system – Schedule and Quality, each weighted 50%. They are tracked on a rolling 12 month period. Schedule consists of completions, timely or untimely, shops cancelled by the shopper, and rejections. Quality is kind of self-explanatory – typos, grammar, clarification requests, and the like. The Quality ranking is from 1 to 4, with 4 being the highest. A 90% score equals 5 stars.

Any other questions, I would suggest asking the help desk or scheduler.
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