Confero "Business Cards" Shop

Did anyone try to do this shop? That option is no longer available. I contacted the MSC to let them know & am waiting on their response.

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I did it today. I actually enjoyed the shop and thought the pay was fair. What option is not available?
@Raffles wrote:

500 cards for $9.99. I was told that promotion ended 1 month ago.

Oh no! I have one scheduled on Sunday. So did you still go through with it, and if so, what did you get instead?
Hmmm, mine had a huge poster advertising this three days ago when I did mine and got 500 cards for 9.99.
I am picking up my 500 cards today, and am happy with this shop, as I needed business cards anyhow. It was not at all difficult, and creating my own design on the computer is easy and fun. I recommend this shop! Signed, Night Owl at 2:59 PM.
I have seen this shop but haven't done it yet because the locations were not that close to me and I would have the return trip for pickup to consider. I wonder if these locations are like fast food franchises. I often see a promotion for food that has technically ended and one location stops offering it, even though a bunch of other locations continue to offer it for quite a while (until demand ceases).
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