Anyone else experience this problem signing into Confero

and other Sassie shops, but mostly Confero? I keep getting an error message saying I needed to enable Java. I already have Java enabled. I used to get it occasionally with Confero and maybe once or twice with some other Sassie shops. Now I get it with Confero everytime I sign in. And not just once or twice, lately I have to log in 12-15 times before it will work.

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That is a chronic problem with SASSIE sites, some worse than others. My machine is Java enabled and my Java is current. I just click that I fixed it and most of the time it will then accept the sign in. I feel sure it is a system error on their end, but it is a PITA.
It's not just you, Lisa. The Confero site has been crazy like that lately.

I thought it might be a mac vs. PC thing, but my understanding is that the Sassie programers are mac guys too, so I'm not sure what's up with it. My softeare is current as well.

I take it as a sign from god to avoid Confero.
That happens with a lot of the Sassie sites. I just keep clicking the button that says "after you have enabled" and eventually it lets me in. It's annoying and doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason to it happening, but in the course of a day, it's a nit.

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Their homepage says they will have a new login page for April. I wonder if that will help.
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