Intelli-shop / SASSIE settings question

OK. I am now getting upwards of 50 or more emails a day from Intelli-shop.

Is there a way to stop getting the email notifications? I can't figure it out today. I thought that I could do that without deactivating myself? The odds of me doing a car, apartment, paint or other "churner" type of job are zero, but if they start throwing down the $50 or higher bonuses on parking, I could be convinced to do that.

Thanks in advance.

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I just received an email from Intelli. I just don't understand their pay. The latest is to take up to 45 pictures for $20. I can shop one bank that takes 3 minutes with a 15 minute report for $20. What's up! This is a rant!
It's all about what the MSC thinks they can get away with. I see similar things every day. It amazes me how low some of the pay is getting versus how much is expected. I am becoming disenchanted with some companies, and the car shops are a joke at $17. Really?!!
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