Maritz Lowers Fee for Revealed Gas Station Shops in 2016

I have several gas station shops that are auto-assigned to me every month. I have already received my January 2016 shops and the base fee has been reduced. I can not access the guidelines or actual report yet (I hate that they do that!) to see if they have removed some of the previous requirements. Or are they lowering the fee just for the hell of it?

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That is really unsettling news. There is no way that I can conduct the audits at a lower rate than they already pay.
I hadn't noticed that Sybil but I went back to check and sure enough the basic fee is back down to what it was before they increased it $1.00 for, I believe, more info on diesel. I see they are now asking for info on the new Synergy program. I saw maybe 3 or 4 of my stations that have Synergy POP and fixtures so it has little effect. I didn't complain when they bumped the fee a buck for little more input so I guess I won't complain that it is taken away if the additional info was also taken away. But obviously, I am not happy about it. Unfortunately there is little I can do except it accept it or reject it and move on.
When is DUSKconfused smileyconfused smileyconfused smiley

It is apparently that if your shop is "EVENING ELIGIBLE" and the shop is performed at DUSK and it can be verified you will be entitled to an additional $7 incentive fee. Now, I never saw that offer before so...................11 + 5 +1 + 7 is better than $18 before bonuses.

I am not a night driver, but I don't want to be taking pics at soon gas station, when the only illumination at the gas station, and the lights of a car pulling into the gas station. So DUSK had better be before midnightgrinning smiley
Dusk happens about 30 minutes after civil sunset.


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