missing TrendSource payment

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Give it a couple of days. I have been paid up to 3 days after the payment date, but it always shows up in my bank account. Last month, the first payment was paid on 12/7 instead of 12/5.
12/5 was on a weekend that's why it wasn't paid til the 7th last month. This is not a weekend or holiday
I happened to notice last night I received a payment on the 29th from them and the shop was done that day! That is not their usual schedule, so I guess they made some early payments before the new year hit. I recommend checking to see that you weren't already paid.
You really think I am an idiot and don't keep tract of what shops I have been paid for?

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Wow. Just wow.

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Geez. I'm not an idiot, but I've done that before. Many of us have LOTS of payments coming in sporadically ($5 here, $20 there, $107.42 over there...) and from multiple sources: Paypal, direct deposit, check, bill.com, etc. It could be easy to miss one and not mark it, especially if it comes in at a time when you would not be expecting it.
It could be especially easy to miss an early TrendSource payment because they never send me any notice of payment. The money is just direct-deposited to my account. There have been times when I've seen it and gone "Huh?" (I don't shop for TrendSource often). Then, by logging in and looking at the payment record, I see what I was paid for. If one of their payments came a week to 10 days early - and either right before or after Christmas - I'd be very likely to miss it.

Hopefully, shoppingfool will realize no one thinks he's an idiot and everyone's comments were designed to help, and he will stop back by and let us know when he either gets paid or finds the payment.
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