Informa Is The Best!!!

I have been doing shops for over 3 years now and have signed up with about 15 different companies and all I keep wishing is that I find another company like Informa. The reason they are the best to me so far is because the pay is comparable to the amount of work they expect you to do unlike most companies I've worked with. Who do these people think we are slaves? They ask for relevant details and not every single detail of every single thing of your entire day. Their questioners don't ask you to answer the same damn question 2 or sometimes even 3 damn times, wtf. Informa's shops usually take about 10-30 minutes to complete and the questioners take about the same amount of time. Unlike gfk and Bestmark who want to pay you $11-17 for a 25 minute shop and fill out a questioner that could take up to 2 hours to fill out. 2 HOURS!!! NO JOKE! For $11 bucks are you kidding me??!!? They are also very respectful and work with you to get the shops done and get you paid rather than try to come up with reasons and excuses why they can't pay you. I almost took gfk to court. I had to show them their own damn instructions before they finally got it. And, they have phone numbers to call if you need to actually speak to someone. But most of all getting paid is never an issue with them. Some companies just take forever getting the pay out to you. I don;t even worry about getting paid from Informa cause their checks always come. A couple of times they took awhile but most of the time I get paid within a couple of weeks. I just wish they did direct deposit.

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Thank you for posting. I get emails from them all the time offering what seems like excellent pay. My only concern is trying to remember the scenarios for the well-paid bank shops, but mostly I am wondering how long it takes to complete the shop afterwards. It seems like there might be a lot of narrative for the amount they are offering. I would like to hear others experience with this company.
The first report will take 3 times as long as the second report for them. Also, the bankers very seldom ask all of those questions, so remembering your "total debt" is probably just as good as remembering all of your individual debts. Remember, ordinary applicants don't remember everything, either. But, if you are really uncomfortable with detailed scenarios, this may not be for you.

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Informa is great! I am also on the lookout for other companies like them. The reports are long but you are right that not everything is asked making your report shorter. The visit itself is normally pretty short too maybe 20 minutes. I also like that you can just accept shops and not have an application process.
A scheduler emailed me on my Shadow Shopper account and when I try to get the Informa page on my smartphone it doesn't appear. Will try on the PC at work.
Demory, try typing the address in the search bar. Sometimes the links don't work on the phones. But I use informa on my phone and even fill out shops directly from it. It works!
I do phone shops for them, which are pretty high pay. They are targeted, and it can take a week to get hold of the right person. In the past 3 years, I have had a couple of issues on shops that were not my fault, and they could not use the report. They made exception payments and paid me anyway.

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Lastw eek I drove slippery roads for a long time to find that the bank branch assigned by Informa had just recently closed. Fortunately, I had other shops in that rather remote area, but I was ticked off that I had not thought to call ahead!

A couple of days later the scheduler offered me a 50% bonus to go back to the area and shop another location nearby and adjusted the schedule to accommodate my availability (meaning a day when I could add other assignments in that remote area.) Gotta love that!

Based in MD, near DC
Shopping from the Carolinas to New York
Have video cam; will travel

Poor customer service? Don't get mad; get video.

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Wales - I am curious why you would not have expected to be paid for the closed location? I recently had the same experience, and since there is nothing in the guidelines about a reduced fee in the event of a closed location, and no requirement to call ahead, I am currently arguing with them that they owe me the full fee. Perhaps we are shopping two different bank clients? but I expect them to pay me in full.
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