Marketforce website reporting down?

I have been trying to report a shop for over an hour and just get the dreaded "Loading" when I click on report shop. I think the website is broken at this point.

Is anyone else reporting shops ok?

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I having the same problem I can access all other features of their web site but not reporting. I was able to down load my receipt and sent it but nothing else...I left it open and finnaly reporting system started working. But very very slow...

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of NJ, since 2009

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I e-mailed them when got problem with the site and they replied back to me when I finished report.

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of NJ, since 2009
I'm glad to see it wasn't just me. I just joined MF as my first MSC and went to submit my very first report at 3pm est on the 15th and it was just stuck on Loading. I tried every browser and even on my phone. I started thinking what if its some sort of test for my first shop, I'm glad it wasn't.

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