Does anyone here work as a scheduler for Intelli or any type of work for Intelli?

I would hope that after all of our critical reports about Intelli, someone would speak for them. Can you hear me?
Can you hear me now!
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A couple of their schedulers and editors did post on our forum briefly. It's my understanding that they were told the company does not want them to post on a shopper forum representing the company.

I actually find it refreshing that Intellishop allows shoppers to speak their mind and doesn't send anyone in to post arguments and threats. Sara Petersen has posted as a spokesperson for Intellishop several times. If you have specific questions or issues to address, you might PM IntelliSara or contact her at 866-234-1423

TrendSource is another company that has been recently BBQ'd but chooses not to try to muzzle shoppers. I very much appreciate the companies that allow us to talk about our experiences with their company freely.
I realize that some shoppers on the Forum have posted criticism of Intelli-shop but I have to say in their behalf that I have done countless shops for them and have always enjoyed our relationship. Their schedulers have been great to work with and while their editors at times have been difficult to work with Intelli-shop has been one of my very favorites companies.
I like Intelli-Shop. They don't pay much, but they pay on time, and the schedulers have been easy to work with.
I am glad they are paying you on time, cordener. I too have been paid on time, but I have read numerous complaints from other shoppers who do get paid but not in a timely manner.
I have had good experiences with Intelli and a few bad experiences. The only shops I do are highly bonused and not frequent. I have never had a bad scheduler. Editor, that is a different story!
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