Does Reality Based Group pay by check or Paypal?

I searched, didn't find the information. I've just started with them, am Canadian. My SSN status is 'approved' (I wrote before doing any shops with them to make sure I could shop without a US SSN). The first shop I did with them in December says it was paid on January 20th, but I didn't get paid via Paypal (my email address on file is correct). Do they send checks? Thanks!

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I have always been paid by PayPal. Their website says their payment options are PayPal or Direct Deposit, and that your PayPal email address must be the same as your RBG email address. Sounds like you might want to contact them. Here's a link to their FAQ: []
I get a direct deposit in my checking on or around the 10th of the following month.

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I am paid with Pay Pal. One of the companies I like working with. I got my on 1/20 smiling smiley

Good luck in getting figured out smiling smiley
Thanks all, I got in touch with them. First time I've had a payment discrepancy, hopefully it all gets worked out smoothly.
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