MSI background check fail (Trendsource)

OK, my time to renew. Paid my $6, expected my clearance (as in prior years). A few hours after submitting, got the expected e-mail -- OK, now I'm a Certified On-Site Inspector! Yippee -- I can take that $50 job!

Ooops, wait a sec -- here's a 2nd e-mail! Background check FAILED! I DO NOT meet the requirements for
being an on-site inspector! "Click here to read your background report." So I did. Asks for payment. No
thanks. It's supposed to be free to read it on-line.

I'm 70 years old; I certainly haven't committed or been convicted of any crime in the year since I last passed the background check.

I have, of course, e-mailed both the background check company and Trendsource. I'm sure it will be resolved shortly.

But I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen?

I'm not a criminal.

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Ah the joys of the $6 background check! I refused to do one. Over the years hundreds of dollars have been spent to fingerprint me and do background checks for teaching and the securities industry. In my relatively small city there are 6 people with my name and spelling who own real estate. Some didn't put middle names on deeds any more than I did. Every couple of years the evening news TV mug shots show a person who has been picked up for selling drugs (again) with my name and a few years ago one with my name was caught after a hit and run accident with a fatality. Just how 'in depth' do I expect a $6 background check would be to sort me out from others with the same name in my area who may have a criminal record?
september last year i did a criminal check to apply to rent a mobile home... it came up with so much crud on it it wasnt even funny... i cant tell you how many times i have passed the gamut of checks... i have no idea where this company got their information but it took about a month to get it fixed... i didnt end up renting anyway... long waste of time... i think it was less of identity theft and more having an extremely common name... first name is the 10th most common boys name and last name is 7th most common last name in the USA

shopping north west PA and south west ny
I always paid $8.00! tongue sticking out smiley (I could have sworn that was the price I paid)...I never saw the results of what I paid for... I won't pay for those again...
I just received my lifetime concealed carry permit from the State Police. That should be sufficient back ground check for anyone.

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Well, my confusion is mostly because I've always passed their background check before. And the reception of TWO 100% contradictory e-mails. I know their background checks are, to use the most polite word, cursory. I just completed an in-depth background check with the state that took 6 weeks and cost the state some big bucks...and I cleared that.

But it is shocking to get that e-mail saying you failed due to some "felony conviction" during the past year!!!

Perhaps I've been leading a more interesting life than I thought, LOL!!! 70 year old great grandparent felon!!!!

smiling smiley

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It will be interesting to see if either the background check company or Trendsource bother to get the situation fixed. Keep us posted!
I called MSI -- according to their records, I cleared the background check and am good to go. So I can
accept that $50 job! YAY!!!
Sounds like the second email was a scam. Are you sure it came from the same email as the one clearing your background check? It would certainly be troublesome if Trendsource has hitched their wagon to a company out to scam their ICs out of money.

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@whosear wrote:

I just received my lifetime concealed carry permit from the State Police .
Lifetime conceal carry permit, wow?
I am badged at an airport. They fingerprint and do a complete Cory check. I would think that would be enough. I would not have a check done by a company that doesn't know what they are doing.
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